Digital image restoration

Digital image restoration is the process of digitally restoring an image, which has either worn out by age or has been damaged by environmental, manmade, or some natural causes.

The process of digital image restoration makes use of various photograph editing techniques in order to get rid of visible damages along with the effect of aging from the digital copy of the physical photograph. However, the presence of scratches and dirt along with the aging signs in the photograph is eliminated from the digital photograph manually. It is done by painting over the picture manually. The unwanted casts are removed from the image and its sharpening along with the contrast is altered so as to restore at least some details, which is present in the original physical photograph.

Digital image restoration can create wonders by transforming an old and faded family photograph into a modern quality image. This process also works in reverse too, where a modern picture can be given a timeless feel. Carrying out both these tasks is certainly not as difficult as they look. All you need to know is about the restoration tools, which should be used in the process.

Though, the pictures can degrade in a number of ways, which mainly includes color casts, local physical damage, and a little fading, but knowing what to do and how to do can easily save those images of yours. Photo editing comes with the right tools to fix each of these aspects.  The fading in old photographs can be fixed by using the right curves, and levels along with contrast and black level tools. The color casts can be treated with various present color tools, color balance, and also white balance. Localized damage can be reversed by using healing brush along with few other editing tools and also clone stamp.Pixel-By-Pixel-restoration-samaple

But before anysort of digital restoration takes place, the most crucial thing that comes into the picture is the scanner from which the photo should be scanned. This is a very important step as it determines the potential of your restoration. No need to mention, try and always use the best possible scanning equipment and software. If the equipment is good, then there is a very good chance that the picture might turn out to be really good post restoration process.

Also, now there are various online sites, which allow you to upload the scanned picture you want to restore and let you edit and restore it in the most convenient way. You can also use them to make the most of the help because it is simple, quick, convenient, and also reliable.

Here at you can get to learn all about restoring photos online.

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